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Continuous Ploughshare Mixers operate on the hurling and whirling principle introduced to mixing technology by Lödige. Equipped with mixing elements which. LÖDIGE Mixing. Lödige is offering a large variety of mixing systems for industrial applications. For these applications dynamic compulsory mixers are used. The biggest mixer ever built by Lödige. Total length of 11 meters and a weight of approx. 60 tons, this machine is the biggest that Lödige has.

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Please consider that indeed an optimum mixing condition may be obtained which may be changed for the worse during the proceeding mixing time. The losige conditions may vary depending on the design of the mixing elements. In the following please note a survey on the different machine systems: For which process do you need a machine?

Always the right mix. Your data will be otherwise deleted as soon as your inquiry has been processed or as soon as a reason for storage lodgie not given any more. Possible applications are mixes of solids-solids, solids-liquids, liquids-liquids, solids-gas and liquids-gas.

Mixing – Gebrüder Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH

Fitted with an homogenisator, it is suitable for processing semisolids and paste-like products like cosmetic and pharmaceutical creams, toothpaste, etc. Thanks to the two-part construction, maintenance work can be carried out quickly and easily and the maximum machine downtime can be reduced to 1 — 2 weeks per year. Newsletter Please complete the following form: In vertical mixing and granulating systems the mixing process is effected only batchwise: Production of sharp-sized grades from naturally moist sands The requirements of the premixed plaster industry for the production Concerning the mixing aggregates we distinguish between static and dynamic mixers.


Continuous Ploughshare Mixer KM.

Basically the data will not be forwarded to a third party unless privacy policy legitimates a forwarding or we are obliged to do so due to the law.

For this purpose the machine type MGT mainly pharmaceutic and cosmetic applications is used. You can ask for information about the data stored about you any time.

LÖDIGE Process Technology

Precondition for the application of static mixers is the pumpability of the original materials. Close We have served over mixeer In case of revocation, your data will be deleted immediately. In case of revocation, your data will be deleted immediately. For these applications dynamic compulsory mixers are used exclusively. We should be pleased to assist you in choosing the optimum systems for your application.

Please, call me back Please complete the following form: In many cases a liquid serving as a loeige agent is added to the primary particles in the fluid bed. For which process do you need a machine? The movement condition of the horizontal compulsory mixers may be characterized by the nondimensional Froude number. Please choose your topic.


Both horizontal mixers and vertical systems are available. This ensures an excellent heat transfer and high drying rate.

Lödige Dispersing Mixer LDM – Gebrüder Lödige Maschinenbau GmbH

You will find further information about privacy policy in the privacy policy statement in our web page. Ideal mix not achievable in reality C — E: The horizontal mixing shaft is fitted with scrapers operating at the mixer wall.

Contrary to static mixers, dynamic mlxer make for a mechanical mutual relative movement of the individual components. The inlet air is headed prior to inflow into the Fluid Bed Processor. Complete separation of the single components B: You can revoke micer consent any time for the future.