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a series of books by Lev Alburt and his collaborators, Roman Pelts, Sam Palatnik et al Comprehensive Chess Course: Learn Chess in 12 Lessons. Comprehensive Chess Course, Volume Two has 37 ratings and 5 reviews. I think that Lev Alburt’s comprehensive course is excellent, and the books are. Comprehensive Chess Course has 40 ratings and 2 reviews. Amateur by. Lev Alburt, Be the first to ask a question about Comprehensive Chess Course.

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I have them work through it in sequence, and the sequence is very well designed to challenge, teach well, and leave no aspect of training untouched. I think that Lev Alburt’s comprehensive course is excellent, and the books are exactly what the titles promise they will be. Books by Lev Alburt. Jul 9, The second pocket trainer does not have nearly as tactical of a feel as the first pocket trainer.

Lev Alburt

Thirty years ago, Roman Pelts was my chess teacher in Odessa, Russia. Andrew rated it it was amazing Jan 01, The one you mention is the only one of his books I’ve read entirely, comprehenive I really like it. I’m planning to go through it 3 or 4 more times eventually.

Fabio Hurtado rated it it was amazing Jul 04, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. There are simply so many to read! Refresh and try again. I’m about on tactics trainer and for my turn-based games. So rather than bounce from author to author I settled on two.

Ernest Cadorin rated it liked it Mar 22, Am I not ready for this book? There are no alubrt topics on this book yet.


Comprehensive Chess Course Series by Lev Alburt

I definitely noticed an improvement from beginning to end. I’m looking into courde of his work and it’s like any teacher- some will like that teacher and find them instructive while others will not.

Jim rated it really liked it Sep 26, The Comprwhensive is filled with what has worked well in practice in Russian classrooms and teaches all the rules of chess, all the fundamentals, and how to visualize the board and pieces—the prerequisite for success in chess.

I haven’t done comprehebsive stuff on openings, but I hear good things. This book is excellent, and would get five stars if it were not for the poor typesetting which makes it hard to navigate.

It comprehenwive very dense, full of examples, and has a good approach for teaching each lesson. What I like about both Seirawan’s and Alburt’s is that I get a complete course from the same author instead of bouncing around between author’s who may or not agree.

You can almost use this book in place of a human coach if you can find stronger players to review your slow games. Lists with This Book.

Comprehensive Chess Course: Learn Chess in 12 Lessons by Lev Alburt

I don’t know about his ultimate guide, but his columns are great. Based on the famous, formerly secret “From Beginner to Master” course of study developed over decades in the Soviet Union, the Comprehensive Chess Course provides students with all the essential information they need to learn chess and then to improve their skills steadily and efficiently. Fahim Razawy rated it it was amazing Sep 29, As a beginner I was searching around for books to study and was overwhelmed by the number.

Mar 29, 7. I found “Pirc Alert!

Albert really stresses this last point – in the last chapter of the book “Moving on to Expert and Master”, he says you might want to reread the book again, before moving on to anything more difficult. The problem is that the typesetting is a bit weird This book is excellent, and would get five stars if it were not for the poor typesetting which makes it hard to navigate.


The theory is probably outdated now but half the book talked about literally nothing but pawn structures and ways they can be played. I am finding the same with Lev Alburt’s series.

Steven Halverson rated it it was amazing Dec 25, Slacksless 20 min ago. Nimrod Hoofien rated it liked it Jun 30, PawnJourney ccomprehensive it it was amazing May 17, Ankit Fageria rated it really liked it Sep 25, Mar 29, 9. Moreover, the answers are easy to read and understand and they are helpful! His explainations are what make such a book better than tactics trainer. Seirawan’s was great a couple years ago, but now it is too easy.

Feb 19, Taru Luojola rated it really comprehesnive it Shelves: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

I love how there is no theme to the problems. Tony rated it liked it Oct 26, Michael Jay rated it really liked it Aug 20, Comprehensive Chess Course 6 books.

Pick a book on that level and go through it over and over until you can spot the solutions instantly maybe times. The contents of this book and its companion volume 2 sold separately include every diagram and every problem, and leave little to chance.