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is valid for frequency inverter KEB COMBIVERT F4-F Lift Version – must be made available to every user. The pictographs used in this manual mean. This manual describes the control of the standard series. COMBIVERT F4-Small. It includes: General installation and connection instructions. Explanation of the. Prima leggere le manuale di istruzione 1 parte! Leer manual de instrucciones parte 1 antes! BETRIEBSANLEITUNG KEB COMBIVERT F4-S.

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Power unit code Error Power unit Code invalid; during the initialization phase the power unit was not identified or detected as non-permissible.

KEB COMBIVERT F4-F Applications Manual

Page Is currently updated and will soon be available on Internet http: The Mznual offers the possibility to add an analog setpoint to other setpoint settings or to use it as amplification factor for speed controller and torque limits. The setpoint is defined only by the setpoint signal at REF1. Analog In- And Outputs Switching condition 3 do.


Summary Of Ru-parameter Terminal strip binary-coded Name: Page Adjust Fr. Description Of In-parameter On exceeding the level adjusted with CP. Afterwards it is acclerated to the setpoint speed. Output Filter Unit do. Position Setting In Increments pd.

Position Setting In Revolutions pd. Explanation To Parameter Description Page 49 The maximum torque of the drive is limited by the following: Power Supply of Encoder.


Interface- And Bus-operator Typical values are for normal operation: Assignment Of Cp-parameter Page 91 Switching condition 3 do. Assignment Of Cp-parameter CP-parameter, whose value shall be displayed at the start.

Parameter A list of all parameters classified according to parameter groups. Deceleration of a drive for high-inertia load from 80 Hz controlled with output voltage without output voltage Actual speed Actual speed stabilization stabilization DC-link voltage DC-link voltage Motor voltage Motor voltage Load Load Name: Operation A conveyor belt shall be used with mabual different speeds.


Fault is being ignored! Summary Of In-parameter In addition to that the unit has 4 internal programmable Digital Inputs inputs IA Pd08 Position setting sign 0: Page If the drive cannot follow the adjusted ramps,then the output switches in dependence on the setpoint value and not the actual value.

Installation And Connection Ekb Of Encoder 6. IDwhich are directly linked with the internal outputs. Table Of Contents