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As in the previous example, this implementation includes separate databases for storing the DeepSee cache, DeepSee implementation and settings, and. Tutorials for Caché topics, including Caché Basic, Caché ObjectScript, Web application development, Caché with Java, and XML. Applies to Caché & Ensemble. Overview of the Caché Object Data Model and Object Programming Caché comes with several built-in scripting languages: Caché ObjectScript, a powerful yet.

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Do the E subroutine.

As such, the database is not just something that’s limited to healthcare. We say that it’s persistent. This csche the greatest, and most true thing I have ever read.

InterSystems Online Documentation

Comment by Rob Tweed on December 5, at 8: Computer science has learned and matured enormously since Mumps was conceived – please use this fact when planning new systems! I could understand if all of these rants were dated in as Cache and Intersystems have come on a long way since then, but it sounds to me if some people on this forum are as out of date as they are telling us that Cache is.

It was a great write-up. We use pseudorandom epistemologies to prove that the foremost extensible intwrsystems for the synthesis of virtual machines is optimal. M Acculturation Workshop, a series of self-paced exercises using a virtual machine. It is now my gospel. I was a little intrigued that I had never heard of it before, since the resident databaseadministrator intersystem it as the Final Answer To All Problems. For one thing, as a programmer, I can take an item stored in one of those globals and give it “children,” which might be some additional properties of that item.


Sounds like we just found the sacred headwaters of Hadoop.

MUMPS – The Most Important Database You (Probably) Never Heard Of

Added by Tim Matteson 0 Comments 0 Likes. Sign Up or Sign In. Where’s the blazing speed that the zealots like to preach intersyystems He can be reached at: Apparently Intersystems has created another database called Ensemble, which is supposedly used at places like Verizon, U.

Pay no attention to the troll. It’s an emulation of the Mumps database, but using Redis. A true living fossil WTF any time I want to do something is just annoying, and then there’s the fact inteersystems they tied it onto a database engine.

Everyone has APIs that have to be learned. A mind-set impedance mismatch it you like. It seems that threads hang around longer here than in insert witty place where threads hang around.

TIL Richard Stallman wears underwear. Finally making heads or tails out of Cache I still hate itbut I am beginning to understand it As far as understanding it goes.

A key to its speed and efficiency is that the database is accessed directly through the variables rather than queries or retrievals. Once I tried to call a static method in a class and got errors however I did it.

Should I mention that this pile of crap is supposed to be happy on low-end hardware, but in my case is running on a quad-processor machine? I even had the ‘pleasure’ of going to one of the sales spiels on the ‘new’ Cache with all its OO features and so on Maybe they were referring to the documentation It’s all good and well that they are security conscious, but I swear they hired 60 year old programmers, and cocaine addicts as security specialists very paranoid or maybe Conspiracy Theorists, and when explaining all the caveats they wanted covered, failed to explain that it should still allow for Cache to be tied into another Webserver easily, with minimal fuss.

  ISO 8466-1 PDF

I assume your college buddy was too depressed to comment. It’s the ultimate system for holding data captive. Just like most other languages. Tutirial improved successor version is actively marketed by InterSystems Corp. I can advise that the new code editor is an improvement over intersystrms older in that the syntax highlighting is no longer so slow that it grinds your system to a halt.

Employees do not always represent the views of their company.

Caché Tutorials – Caché & Ensemble

Yeah, I can just imagine why IBM supports it stodgy old firm stuck in the 50s when it was at the height of its power. And that is said knowing perfectly well that cach latest buzzword technologies seldom manages to fulfill the promises. It means “Line is labelled A. You have to focus your expertise in one or two systems.

I can’t really tell you how much this sucks. MUMPS is both things at once. Reply Quote 0 R. MUMPS was born in to solve the problem of massive data flowing into multi-user systems in the healthcare industry.

Plus the requirement to have technical people who understand both systems to keep them in tutoriql. With that in mind, you should probably take a look at this: