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Yes Ims simcat are very close to the level of difficulty of cat itself and give a good overview of the exam. Moreover aimcat are renown for their difficulty level so. Most CAT-aspirants would agree that taking Mock tests (SimCATs in IMS parlance) is a very crucial aspect of preparing for the CAT, however. Hi everyone! Thanks a bunch for the awesome response to the first two IMS SimCATs! Now, you can also be a part of the SimCAT. You have a chance to take .

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The tests were well structured and had the perfect range of difficulty. In such a case, the higher of the applicable waivers shall be considered. One more point, there is a fundamental flaw in your mis because you are already assuming a difficulty level of tomorrows test. To gauge how far or close you are from your ultimate goal of cracking the CAT and getting an admission into one of the top Indian B-Schools.

There are no warranties regarding transactions, products, or services executed through a third party or by a third party and you understand and agree that such transactions are conducted entirely at your own risk. So it is a good idea.

Read the questions from your areas of strength, more importantly understand what you are required to do to solve the question. To answer this question, let us first define the objective of taking SimCATs. A thorough question-wise analysis will ensure that you not only attempt similar questions when they appear in future mock tests or the CAT, but also bridge your knowledge and test-skills gap in a structured manner. Additionally, they gave a lot of freedom to students, and I was able to give the test at my convenience, saving me a lot of time and energy.

I started preparing 2 weeks back but am not able to plan what to do. You will definitely get a call. Now solve or re-solve each of these identified questions with an objective of finding: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Waiver policy and Prices are subject to change any time and no refund will be provided in any circumstances.


As far as you and me are concerned we will focus on doing the best we can on the D-day tomorrow. As QA is your weakest section, try to attempt it when your mind is on high alert. However, I would place my bets on 90 to 20 questions and a mark paper. These are mostly students who take a test, check their scores, are dejected or frustrated by what they achieve in a test, mull over the scores for some time and then proceed to take the next test.

Taking CAT? Try the KISS theory

For areas where you achieve the set benchmarks aim to perform consistently in future tests as well. As a result I only had to work imx and keep my focus during the last few months which helped me secure this result. Focus on the main test tomorrow and I am sure you will clear all the three cut-offs. And of course, IMS’s test series helped me a lot with my preparation. Hi, you have a very good chance of making it to the IIMs.

Now solve or re-solve each of these identified questions with an objective of finding:. At the same time, I know of candidates who could not do well in the CAT irrespective of whether they solved tests or none. If it means you ending up solving all the RC passage, so be it. If you have prepared well, you are prepared for any structure. You are welcome…all the best!

Aptitude sijcats are tests of strategy and mocks will help you devise YOUR strategy. To know details, write to us at ims imsindia. Ajit, the day before my marriage I was really scared too.

Simcaats IIMA entertain bsc grads.? Gather your doubts and ask for a doubt-solving session with your instructor at your centre. Steps to Enrol with IMS. The faculty and staff at IMS are very pleasant and helpful. The instruction sheet in fact asks you to do so just to check whether all the pages are printed properly. You may create a detailed excel sheet with your performance on the above measurement parameters and track your progress towards the set goals. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Irrespective simcatz test structure of the test tomorrow, you have to focus on doing well.


To answer your question, you do not need anything more than the BRMs for your Math basics.

My SimCat score roughly hovers around 75 percentile. T Approach – Completely Online.

With regards to test stamina — you need to practice sitting for 3 hours without your mind getting tired. It also varies based on the number of seats available and the quality of applicants. Hi Vinayak Please advise that whether I should take Qa as second section to attaempt as its my weakest section Vinayak: But it is important to understand that the percentile is only a factor of the score that you achieve in the test and the score, in turn, is a factor of your attempts and accuracy at sectional and overall levels.


Prepare kiya toh darna kya? My expectations do not really matter. The cutoffs vary because of the weightage given to other parameters like cork exp, academics, gender, academic diversity etc. This will help you to know where you stand compared to the others. For any other queries, please write to us at ims imsindia.

Past data indicates that this is difficult to achieve: To identify your areas of strength and weaknesses so that you can accordingly plan and fine-tune your test-taking strategy as well as preparation strategy A whole lot of students fail to perform well in the CAT despite taking a plethora of mock tests.

For every test that you take, you will now be able to classify the questions in the following grid: