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Kimbrer Computer 1-Year Warranty A specific product offering sold by Cisco to a selected group of resellers. Refurbished equipment may have minor blemishes or cosmetic scratches and come in plain, non-retail boxes, with all items placed in ESD materials.

The DS flexibility 1746z2d options also extends to the disk drives. For the best experience on our site, be sure to ubm on Javascript in your browser. Remote Mirroring supports synchronous or asynchronous data transfers, enabling you to choose the replication method that best meets your protection, distance, or performance requirements: Cisco Excess equipment are usually 17466a2d orders, over-production and demo models and can be recognised by the Cisco product number, followed by —WS.

New Bulk products could be pulled from a common inventory that was dismantled for parts, and may be packaged and sold in bulk multiple units in one box.

Up to volumes per system. It provides an activation key to increase the quantity of FlashCopy images supported per physical volume from two to four and it enables the Volume Copy function with support for eight active Volume Copy processes, with: This model is configured with one environmental services module ESM.


Kimbrer Computer Day Warranty. New Open Box items are usually customer returns or lbm orders. This feature is required for both the primary and remote machines.

1746c2a IBM System Storage Ds3512 Das Array 1746a2d

When installed on a DS dual controller system, both cards must be configured to run at the same link speed. These cables must be customer-supplied and is not available for ordering with the DS Upgrade 81Y Host Kits: A specific product offering sold by 1746x2d to a selected group of resellers. High-efficiency power supplies designed to meet power efficiency standards for reduce power consumption Small form factor 2.

Feature or PN 68Y or 68Y is a required prerequisite. Feature PN 68Y is required to utilize the self encryption capability. Kimbrer Computer Day Warranty A used and pre-owned item that has been thoroughly refurbished to “like new” condition by our in-house technicians to make sure everything works perfectly.

Family 1746+01 IBM System Storage DS3500 Storage Systems and EXP3500

Refer to the DS product documentation and the IBM Systems Support site for additional information on firmware levels and other requirements: Volume Copy creates a physical copy of a volume.

Total quantity of 52xx and 55xx features cannot exceed All original parts and accessories are included if applicable. New Sealed products include all original parts, accessories, manuals and additional features if applicable. SAS host interface ports are standard on all DS models. Otherwise, Feature PN 00W is a corequisite. Controller firmware level Asynchronous mirroring queues remote writes to reduce the latency, thus enabling long distance replication while increasing local system performance.

Base No Longer Available as of June 21, This feature provides an activation key to the enable the Remote Mirror function with support for eight mirror pairs per system. With these encryption services, FDE key management is transparent to day-to-day storage administration, making SED drives as easy to manage as traditional drives.


c2a IBM System Storage Ds Das Array a2d | eBay

Requires controller firmware level As a convenience, a limited selection of cables 1746s2d be ordered with your EXP Additional transceivers can be ordered using feature PN 69Y Product life cycle dates. Refer to the Features – Chargeable section for feature numbers and part numbers. A “configured” Model C2A order must include either feature or This refers to a total of hours in any given year, but no more than 15 occurrences during that one-year period.

Mutually exclusive with feature and PN 68Y and 68Y Four 6 Gb SAS host interface ports two per controller. Up to disk drives are supported by a single DS storage system with attachment of EXP expansion 1746ad2, doubling the scalability available, offered by the other DS products. Refer to the Chargeable section for feature numbers and part numbers: As a convenience, a limited selection of cables can be ordered with the DS Remote Mirroring provides storage system-based data replication from 1746a2e DS system to another DS system over Fibre Channel communications links.

This cable must be customer-supplied and is not available for ordering with the DS Two intelligent array controllers with 2 GB cache 1 GB per controller.