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Discussion in ‘ Chainsaw ‘ started by cutforfunJan 13, Log in or Sign up. Sep 19, Messages: I picked up a husqvarna cd last night and i am wondering how it stacks up against the modern saws?

The piston looks great and it has good spark, i pulled the carb and it is sitting in carb cleaner as we speak.

The bar oil line was torn under the muffler but it was right at the connection so i was able to cut it and just hook it back up.

Mar 9, Messages: Metal fuel tanks leak at the seams on the old saws. Ask me how I know. Jan 13, Messages: SawTrollJan 13, Oct 9, Messages: Dec 12, Messages: MOEJan 13, Jun 20, Messages: The Xl is listed at 5.

The CD Husky at 4. I owned several ‘s. Cut a lot wood with them. I also own a nice SXL I’ll take the ‘s anti vibe any day over the Homey. My last was stolen in 84, so bought a SE.

I recent found a on ebay. Put a 30″ Sugi Hara bar on it. Recently found a 28″ General roller nose bar for the Haven’t ran it yet though. Joe46Jan hussqvarna, Apr 18, Messages: Good score on the I think it stacks up just fine even today. I would run one anyday.


Value, I think is partly eye of 480cx beholder, but not an expert on that particular saw value.

Saws are also the eye of the beholder, and yeah some are just plain outdated. But some of the Husky line was ahead of it’s time back then, and some are still top runners along today’s best. A few told me my was outdated. It outcuts the stock saw’s in its class today, newer models.

Those husky’s were built so well. I forget the max rpm on theit will probably be slower than today’s models, but you will make up for it in torque. You will be fine good saw man.

Oct 30, Messages: Can’t remember the year early 80’s I think. Bought a cd and cut a lot of trees with it. I cut steady for 1yr with that saw. Fellow logger with a pioneer p51 couln’t believe the amount of wood it cut in a day. Good memories with that saw.

Husqvarna HandsJan 13, Nov 28, Messages: Well my 2 cents worth on the subjectI had a basket case brought to me and i rebuilt it only had money for a new piston and carb kit in it and was a good saw good heavy saw. I sold it to some guys logging said they needed a reliable back up. I personally would have found somthin newer but hey give the buyer what they want right.

Good pic look’s pretty clean. Run it awhile and see how you feel. Jul 10, Messages: Jan 24, Messages: I bought a new CD insame year Deb and I got married. They are both still around, look great and still work like they are supposed to! They are excellent saws, dubbed in the later ‘s as a tad overweight for the cc’s.


Husqvarna 480CD Oiler adjustment

They are not lacking in power, but not nearly as strong in the upper rpm’s as newer designs. They are absolutely unstoppable with a 20″ bar in place. I use a 24″ bar on mine, and that’s about as much bar as you are going to want on one. A few years ago I grabbed up a super clean SE with over psi compression.

Model Profile: CD

It considerably stronger in the cut husqvvarna the old CD, and sports a 28″ bar. I still LOVE running the oldand recently aquired a new top cover and chain brake for it. It has seen considerable use every year sincenever needed a fuel line or carb kit to date.

The kill switch was replaced last year, and I was husqvarns enough to find a tank vent for it as well. Never needed anything else, and it runs as good as or better today than when it was new Cliff RJan 14, Oops, forgot one pic Joe46Jan 14, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name hksqvarna email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: