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If you’re looking for our most current version of this report, please visit the main National School Climate Survey page. Analysis about changes in LGBT student. What is the GLSEN Local School Climate Survey? The Local School Climate Survey (LSCS) is a tool developed by GLSEN’s Research Department for students. The GLSEN National School Climate Survey (pdf) is our flagship report on the school experiences of LGBTQ youth in schools, including the extent of the.

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For those who are not using the survey as part of a formal research surveu, clear information about the survey and what students are being asked to do might be sufficient, but you should check with the school or district administration to be sure. If you used paper surveys instead of or in addition to online surveys, you can choose to enter each survey yourself i.

Local School Climate Survey | GLSEN

Once students take the survey, you glsem be provided with summaries of the responses to each survey question, including tables and charts. Local School Climate Survey.

It’s easier than you think to get involved and make a difference. Enter your email address and create an character password. It is important to remember that this is not necessarily a scientific survey; the survey findings apply only to the students who take your survey and may not be representative of all the students in the school or community.

Results from the survey can help to inform educators, administrators, and the entire school or community about students’ experiences in school. These responses are only available via the password protected account of the survey creator. Want to take action but don’t know how? Then you will be directed to create a new survey or modify an existing one. You may need to meet with the administrator s to discuss the purpose of the survey and why it is important for students to take it. Your session will expire in seconds!


If someone has a question about the survey they are taking, they should contact the survey creator directly.

Do students need to agree to take the survey? To get the best idea of the school or community climate, we recommend that the survey be given to as many students as possible in your school or community. Whether or not you need official consent from students or parents will depend the school requirements. Although you can survey just the senior class or even just the students in one particular class, the smaller the scope, the less representative your survey will be of all the students in your school or community.

We highlight specific policies and legislators to make it easy for you to tell your policy makers exactly how you feel. Who am I surveying? All created surveys and related data are password protected through the survey creators’ individual accounts. The survey creator is usually the same person that invites people to take the survey and their contact information is also available on the survey.

All survey data is owned by the survey creators. Learn more about working at GLSEN, including career opportunities and our commitment to diversity and unparalleled professionalism. You may want to partner with them to advocate for the survey and to help in getting the survey done.

With this information, you can help identify areas for change and advocate for a more welcoming learning environment in your school or community. This way, you can still utilize the online results tabulation function and it also allows for the paper surveys to be analyzed with any surveys that may have been taken online.


Join or start a Gay-Straight Alliance or take part in one of our student leadership programs to make your school a better place. Download a Step-by-Step Guide.

GLSEN School Climate Survey | De Portola

You can choose to distribute the survey only online, only via paper, or using both methods at the same time. Do I need a consent form for students? Once you create a survey, you will be provided with a unique URL that can be used to direct students to the survey. The surveys are designed to be taken by middle and high school students specifically ages 13 and up.

Click here to have your password emailed to you. The Local School Climate Survey is meant to be used at the local level for school, district and local communities. You will be sent an email from ” localsurvey glsen.

De Portola

In addition, your school or community may have flimate or groups e. GLSEN’s work is made possible through partnerships with corporate sponsors as well as other like-minded agencies working toward similar goals.

Alternatively, if all surveys are taken on paper, you can enter the responses in your own spreadsheet or data file e. Their groundbreaking research has identified the problems and found the solutions that work. New to Our System? You will have the option to designate a survey contact person and email address when creating your survey—this is the only information about the survey creator that we will provide to survey takers.

Click on the link in the email to activate your account.