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This tutorial is one easy tutorial that walks you through the basics of the program. Even if you have absolutely no idea of GIMP and design, you.

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GIMP is a very popular graphic program, and though not as popular as Photoshop, there are a good many designers who use it as their first choice. High-end Design on a Low-end Budget? These differences go beyond pure cosmetics. The purpose of this article is to not just to help you learn GIMP, but also to show you just tutoiral it is capable of producing.

There is certainly no shortage yutorial GIMP tutorials, and even some of the less up-to-date tutorials often still offer value. The article is divided into sections — from rawest newbie through to more advanced users.

Though this is at least partly subjective, it should give you a good progression. This tutorial is one easy tutorial that walks you through the basics of the program. Even if you have absolutely no idea of GIMP and design, you should be able to understand most of it. The next general tutorial on the list is ideal for helping you quickly find your way vimps the GIMP interface. Colors are key to any design and so is the skill how to mix them.

If you want to learn how to mix colors in GIMP, check this. You might be thinking that mixing colors is so easy there is no need to have a tutorial about but even experienced users will have what gimos learn from the tutorial. Here is a tutorial to teach you how to use it to achieve a vintage effect. Of course, you can use Tjtorial for much more than this.


Layers and layer masks are also a core concept in GIMP. The basic idea of layers is easy to grasp but if you want to go a bit beyond it, gikps ebook is a great read.

40+ Best Free GIMP Tutorials For Beginners (Drawing & Painting)

It covers layers, operations with layers, layer masks, etc. Some of the stuff in it is a little advanced, but if you need a solid intro to layers, this one is also OK.

Vectors paths are another key concept in GIMP. Here are two tutorials about paths — one about Bezier selections and one about drawing shapes. In GIMP filters are an institution. You can do so many things with them!

40+ Best Free GIMP Tutorials For Beginners (Drawing & Painting)

However, when you are a GIMP newbie, this array of filters might seem hard to conquer. In such cases, a good tutorial about GIMP filters, for instance this onecan help a lot. The document lists all filters by gimpe blur, enhance, distort, light and shadow, noise, edge-detect, artistic, etc.

Working with shade and lightning is another fundamental skill for designers and photographers.

GIMP – Tutorials

This tutorial provides five ways to use shade and lightning in GIMP. This last section contains the most difficult but probably the most interesting stuff — advanced tutorials. However, since it also develops into some excellent advanced techniques along the way, I thought it say nicely here.

I suspect even GIMP veterans will have what to learn from this book, so if you have a spare hour, give it a try it. Photo retouching is another common task for GIMP users.


This tutorial covers the whole process in great depth. Just a short clarification: Not all steps performed on the example image used in this tutorial were done in GIMP — some are performed in another open source graphics program RawTherapee. Otherwise, the tutorial itself is short and easy.

The Basics Tutorial

While there are certainly other, more specialized open source options for more complex animation, GIMP is great for simple tasks. You will need the GAP module. After you get that, just follow the steps here and get animating. Cage Transform is a slick tool to help you correct or create perspective distortions. Ian Pullen has put together this thoughtful tutorial to walk you through the basics.

In reality, this falls closer to the realm of futorial programming than classic visual design.

If you are looking for where to start, here is an introduction to GIMP scripting. The text effects bimps organized in different categories — nature, metal, light, ice, glass, fire, 3D, abstract, simple, etc. I think these tutorials not only teach you GIMP, but also give you a fantastic overview of exactly what it can do.

Of course, there are few limits to what you can accomplish with GIMP once you achieve mastery. I hope this list speed you along the journey.

The perfect GIMP starters tutorial. GIMP script borrows from Perl.