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So I’m not familiar with the World of Darkness lore. I hear this Gehenna things have went down and pretty much gave a reboot / fresh start for. In Noddist mythology, Gehenna is the Kindred Eschaton. It is the time when the Antediluvians will rise from their slumbers and devour their descendants. Gehenna: The Final Night (Vampire: The Masquerade) [Ari Marmell] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book by Ari Marmell.

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Gehenna (World of Darkness) – Wikipedia

Like nearly everything up to the actual Gehenna book was the Doomsday clock set to 11pm. That is to say will there be more v20 books going down while v4 comes out? Please— support the idea that the sword of Damocles is still out there. Just for a limited time though. The very definition of what it means to be a vampire needs to markedly different between Revised and V4. Caine was damned because he murdered his brother Abel. With Caine gone vampires could now be freed from their ties to him.

Some of the gehenna scenarios touched on it like Wormwood and Fair is Foulthe Red Sign revolved around it. It also gives you something of a social bonus towards other vampires that recognize closeness to the First Vampire as something good. Will VTM4 be international?


Gargoyles returning to their native clans? Take all that as inspiration. While they were a little less problematic than the Giovanni ones the truth is that the end was a false one. I would prefer to be able to choose whether, how much and in what form I include religious content in my games.

The four scenarios are:. Want to add to the discussion? A Gehenna chegou e transformou os vampiros, por que n? The Tzimsce antediluvian, fully taken over by whatever alien consciousness is behind Vicissitude, is starting to awaken under Washington, DC. The prophecy of Gehenna is most thoroughly detailed in the Book of Nodthe story of Caine’s banishment and cursing by God. As for events that should be referenced, I assume you mean Gehenna related events mmasquerade not world events.

How do the clans fair if the Jyhad is waged openly? After all, as explained before, an Elder does not know how to behave in modern world in an appropriate way. Another interesting thing to explore might be the relationship between the redeemed those vampires who survived Gehenna by returning to mortality and those Kindred who survived though mystical means or by going to ground.

Its also as gehenba print as 4e will be, all POD from Drivethru. Or is every Clan on its own forging new alliances? Ultimately, my instinct is to say that they had to notice that something went down. And due the God, or something else like a God, Salulot comes forth.


Instead, the post-Gehenna Withering is more like a plague that occasionally breaks out locally. Their recruitment and activity are doubled. Maybe this suggests that the rise of the antes is cyclic. One of the best things on all the gamelines is how they exist mawquerade to real world events.

Gehenna (World of Darkness)

How would the Sabbat react if Caine did not recognize them as their scions? Lets not do that, unless the point is to strip away most of the great things that make VtM what it is. The Gehenna news ticker was one of my favorite things geuenna wolf has done.

The old ones would be more than glad once the internet or power supply is offline.

There should be plenty independent territories, where kindred living there masquerdae learned the hard way to keep themselves occult. This would remove all the sense of security that have been gained by reading the old books so much. The masquerade is stronger than ever; the kine live in a world of fear and paranoia, where terrorists abound, magic and religion is once again on the rise, economies are failing and hope has fled the world.

Im not a fan of the idea presented at all.