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Epec CAN Module Family CONTROL MODULE G08 / MAN DOCUMENT VERSION HISTORY Date Notes Document . Epec provides software tools for control system programming, adjusting, and testing. From the systems engineering viewpoint, it is not enough to have sufficient. Open and compatible. Embedded control systems are based on PLCopen and CANopen®, which make them easily scalable to meet requirements for both.

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Inputs are divided into groups by the input impedance eprc. These parameters depend on software cycle time Note 4: This illustrates the normal way to connect loads when load current measurement is desired. Operating voltage 10 – 30 VDC?

EPEC controller Manual _Download Manual

Applies to inputs used as normal digital input. The manufacturer gives no other warranties whatsoever for the products than the warranty set out in this section and thus the warranty given in this section sets forth the warranty given by the manufacturer in its 20224. Some of the eppec are grouped: The Mini module and the Mini display need the Eppec module in order to have the full transient immunity.

An external fuse should be installed for the product or the system power supply. With input voltages below 4,3 V it seems like the internal input resistance was connected to a 1,3 V voltage source. In low impedance current input configuration they are subject to damage if they are connected to for example 24 volt system voltage. Generally, it is not recommended. Inputs of this type are also suitable for quadrature sensor position counting.

Operating range 10…30 VDC?

Closed light cast aluminium housing? The manufacturer strives to reply to the claim in writing within two 2 weeks from the receipt of the claim. 204


There are two bit variables associated with each pin of this type in PLCopen programming environment. Short-circuit protection for outputs? This feature makes it possible to epdc short circuits to the ground. So, the practical limits are lower but the maximum values of the table still give the basis for the estimation.

Violating this rating may lead to system not recognizing all input state transitions Note 3: Epec is a solution provider specialized in embedded control systems, vehicle computers and information logistics systems for mobile machines. J only for one bus in the same module? Monitoring the state of the pin is generally not possible when the pin is used as a PWM signal output. With input voltages below 4,3 V it seems like the internal input resistance was connected to a 1,3 V voltage source Note 2: All functions return automatically to within normal epsc after exposure is removed.

Weight 0,7 kg Applications? The features of this product should be well documented in machine and control system documents Epec Oy reserves all rights for improvements without prior notice Epec Oy Matinkatu 6 FIN Sein? Protection for plugs depends on cable processing? A separate safety analysis is always recommended for the machine and its control system.

Module temperature Software deadlock is monitored by the hardware watchdog that reboots the module automatically after ms software deadlock. The programmability of CANs depends on the used programming environment as described in the following table: This document contains necessary data concerning the module in question, which system designer needs in system development work. No scrapping fee will, however, be charged for products that are received by the manufacturer during the warranty period.

Mounting position horizontal or vertical to allow water etc.

In those cases, the output functionality of the pin must of course be kept in off state. The 20024 gives the warranty of twelve 12 months to the products and thereto related firmware from commissioning or eighteen 18 months from the date of delivery of the products which ever occurs first The manufacturer is during the warranty period responsible for defects in the products and thereto related firmware resulting from faults in material, design or workmanship.


epec 2024 control module

Power feed is rpec when supply voltage drops to 30 V. No saving operations program flashing or parameter storing into permanent memory can be done under 11,5 VDC.

The result is a two channel pulse counter which is capable of detecting the direction of the movement of the sensor. The pulse count and pulse frequency can be read from the pulse input channels. The application program will see there a logical zero when the pin is grounded or left open and a elec one when the pin is connected to a positive voltage source.

Otherwise operation of other inputs may be interfered Note 3: The maximum rating is lowered in this case to 15 volts. The warranty does not cover possible expenses relating to travelling, accommodation, daily benefits, etc.

Applies to inputs used as normal digital inputs. The manufacturer does not assume any responsibility for this product being fit for any particular application, unless otherwise expressly stated in writing by the manufacturer. Nothing prevents using these pins to measure currents from other sources as well. These parameters depend on software cycle time Note 5: