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An extended documentation could be found on Enfuse reference manual. Other programs using Exposure Fusion: tufuse and PTGui Pro. The Enfuse reference manual for the most recent version in different formats can be found on (as can that for. enfuse man page. enfuse — manual page for enfuse force COLORSPACE for blending operations; Enfuse uses “CIELUV” for images with ICC-profile and.

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Depending on the subject one of several grayscale projectors may yield the best black-and-white contrast for image fusion.

On 8 September the first official version of enfuse has been released together with enblend. Input files can be a list of files or a wildcard on windows f. However, smaller apertures increase diffraction which in turn renders the image unsharp.

Enfuse reference manual

However, a user of Enfuse might want to control the balance between the operating systems’ Virtual Memory System and Enfuse’s image cache for several reasons. You will have to experiment.

So, there is an optimum aperture where the photographer gets maximum DOF. Use the single processor version instead. Welcome to Enfuse’s contrast selection abilities. Focus Stacks — Depth-of-Field Increase. I invite you to visit the Enfuse website for more information. The effect of these parameters on the final result will not manial be clear in advance.

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The Panels The ‘Configuration’ panel. Examples of local analysis windows enfuxe the sizes 3 and 5. This is the amount of data that Enfuse will move to and from the disk in one go. Sloppyly speaking, the images were focussed at different distances. Sets the relative weight of the well-exposedness criterion. Enfuse offers the photographer tremendous flexibility on fusing differenly exposed images. Enfuse computes a pixel’s entropy by considering the pixel itself and its surrounding pixels quite similar to Contrast Weighting.

enfuse man page

Higher values pick more brighter pixels from the source images, lower values more darker ones. These four images of the Basilique of Lyon France were taken on a tripod, using different shutter speeds to vary the exposure. The weighted average computation as described above has proven to be widely successful with the exception of one special case: Increasing this weight makes pixels with high saturation contribute more to the final output.

Its weakness is that is is easily deceived by strong and smooth gradients. We apply the Laplacian operator manua, Cartesian coordinates. A low number trades off quality of results for faster execution time and lower memory usage. This manual is for Enfuse version 3. Enfuse is a command-line program used to merge different exposures of the same scene to produce an image that looks very much like a tonemapped image without the halos but requires no creation of an HDR image.


Enfuse always use the magnitude of curvature for weighting. Write a compressed output file. Retrieved from ” http: Clearly, the only way of capturing this scene with long star trails was to utilize image stacking.

Enfuse – Wiki

Both applications interpret them as binary masks no matter how many bits per image pixel they contain. By setting the alpha values of pixels to zero, users can manually remove those pixels from consideration when blending.

Increasing this weight makes pixels with neighboring differently colored pixels contribute more to the final output.

The difference between using this option and Enfuse’s default color blending algorithm is very slight, and will be most noticeable when you need to blend areas of different primary colors together. Adjust how much importance is given to each criterion by setting the weight parameters on the command line.