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Explore Reginald Scot’s “The Discoverie of Witchcraft”, a book considered to be the first published on witchcraft, which fights against the. On such example is Reginald Scot (), who took the incredibly bold step to not only defend accused witches against the charges laid. THE DISCOVERIE v^. WITCHGRAFT. REGINALD SCOT, Esquire. BEING A REPRINT OF THE FIRST EDITION. PUBLISHED IN

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Discourse concerning the nature and substance of devils and spirits. Of Scot himself, Summers throws the biggest criticism he can muster:. Then sprinkle upon any thing, and say as followeth.

And the more unpossible a thing is, the more we stand in feare thereof; and the lesse likelie to be true, the more we beleeve it.

Full text of “The discoverie of witchcraft”

Scot did adopt contemporary superstition in his references to medicine and astrology. How to convey with words or Charme the Corn contained in one Box into another.

A Popish Periapt or Reginal, which must never be said, but carried about one, against Theeves. Item, a capitall enimie if the enimitie be pretended to growe by meanes dsicoverie witchcraft may object against a witch; and none exception is to be had or made witcucraft him.

Of Scot a cautious and circumstantial investigator has written: In like manner I say, he that attributeth to a witch, such divine power, as dulie and onelie apperteineth unto GOD which all witchmongers doo is in hart a blasphemer, an idolater, and full of grosse impietie, although he neither go nor send to hir for assistance.

It was written by Montague Summersthe most knowledgeable scholar on the history of witchcraft of his time. I actually read the book, cover to cover, and found pretty much none of what djscoverie describe. In The Discoverie of WitchcraftScot is speaking out simultaneously against the existence of witchcraft and in defence of accused witches. On a more serious note, Scot takes time to address the claims of those people who truly believe that they are witches and have supernatural powers.


Scot believed that the utter absurdity of the facts would be enough to stop belief in witchcraft forever. It is perhaps not surprising that a fanatic like Summers cannot comprehend such a creature.

The Discoverie of Witchcraft

He notes how the regular process of law does not apply to cases of witchcraft: And by this dizcoverie he was dismissed by the consent of that court, who otherwise as it was thought should hardly have escaped the sentence of condemnation, and punishment of death. In14 women were charged with witchcraft in the village of Wotchcraft. Which hee could impute, he said, to nothing else, but to hir inchantment.

When you have seene a card privilie, or as though you marked it not, laie the same undermost, and shuffle the cards as before you are reginals, till your card lie againe below in the bottome. Learn how your comment data is processed. Then thrust your toong betwixt discoveerie foresaid space; to wit, into the bought left it the bodkin blade, thrusting the said bought behind your teeth, and biting the same: In other words and ignoring the offensively sexist view of womenScot notes that the witchhunters believe that witchcraft is such a dangerous and deadly crime, that the rule of law must be suspended in such cases.


The Discoverie of Witchcraft – Wikipedia

October 17, at Saint Adelberts Curse or Charm against Thieves. Actually, Reginald Scot is a mysticist. Oh excellent peece of witchcraft or cousening wrought by Sylvanus! Scot was remarkably insightful regarding the perception of common people towards natural magic: A Charm to open Locks. Scot blasts and even mocks the accusations of the witch-hunters and the reasoning behind their extraordinary methods: As for the labour, sweat, watching, care, and diligence, which I have used in this behalfe, I cannot shew you them at this time.

Cures commenced and finished by Witchcraft. I have tried to discover her fate but never found out more, not even from HRW.

Reginald Scot oof born into a noble family with a long lineage and an estate in Brabourne, Kent, where he spent most of his life. The third edition was published with two imprints inone being the Turk Head edition, the scarcer variant was at the Golden-Ball. Another reissue was dated To make a shoal of Goslings draw a Timber-log.

Scot goes after everyone in his book, discrediting those who believe in witches as heretics, witch-hunters as corrupt, and those who claim to be witches as mentally ill.

discovegie Scot relies heavily on scripture to back-up his argument, and by doing so he protects himself from the worst of the criticism while, at the same time, meeting those who used the Bible to justify their actions against witches on a level pegging.