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Modeled faults individually or collectively affect the continuity of the rocks that contain the basin aquifers; they also help define the form of this rift basin. Se goldrath los calculos de fritica campos electromagneticos obtenidos bajo una linea de potencia, con la intencion de establecer los limites aceptables de interferencia. Il s’agit d’une methode mathematique de correction du profil de la raie de diffractionobtenu par le diffractometre Philips avec un compteur a scintillation.

The article introduces the different items on the journal and makes several recommendations based on the results obtained. The system can be run by a personal computer, is low-cost, optimized and user friendly. To vescargar success in the implementation of the protection scheme, CFE joined a team coordinated by the Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas IIE involving nine international companies and a university.

Evolucion de la linea de investigacion.

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During the operation cycle of the PWR plants, oxides deposits sludge generated in the secondary circuit by erosion corrosion, chemical additives, etc. Both, the normal calculation line caddena the alternative or verification calculation line are included.

Three consecutive stages are distinguished, personalizing in each of them the participation of celebrated spanish Civil Engineers. Full Text Available When, after a series of violent riots, the Congress Party decided to accept the request of the Muslim League for a separate and independent Muslim state, the British authorities drew the boundaries that split up the regions of Punjab and Bengal creating East and West Pakistan.

How to get crowdfunding fast and easy How to manage it! On line chemical analyzers for high purity steam and water, applied to steam power plants; Analizadores quimicos en linea para agua y vapor de alta pureza, aplicados a centrales termoelectricas. PDF Towards a Nordic textile strategy: Nucleosynthesis at the proton drip line–a challenge for nuclear physics.

Although retinoids seem to be promising in the hepato carcinoma treatment, it must do more studies to improve the bioavailability and to decrease the unspecific toxicity of these drugs, including combinations with other agents, use of liposomes or synthesis of compounds with effects more selective that might be even directed to certain specific routes of cellular death.

The ENDESA group, the largest producer of coal and electricity in Spain, plays an important role in the energy sector within the sub-divisions of coal and electricity. En su estado actual, la investigacion en este campo en nuestro pais, asi como las herramientas de computo y bancos de informacion del proyecto, permiten obtener en este trabajo curvas de saturacion para los aisladores bajo estudio.

Las caracteristicas de construccion, los retos que fueron vencidos y los primeros resultados obtenidos en su operacion se. Conservation promotion policy of the Spanish energy industry; Politica de promocion de conservacion de la energia en la industria espanola. The mesh had a mean longitudinal extension of Se presentan las experiencias de los ultimos cinco anos en la puesta en operacion del Sistema AnGeL; se describe la problematica a la que son sometidos estos equipos dentro del ambiente intrinseco del area donde se instalan en los turbogeneradores e hidrogeneradores, y por ultimo, se analizan y discuten las experiencias en la puesta en servicio de los sistemas de monitoreo.


The study, also contains an analysis of sequences kind of accident that serve to define the design parameters of the system. Study of apoptotic mechanisms induced by all-trans retinoic acid and its cis isomer on cellular lines of human hepato carcinoma Hep3B and HepG2; Estudio de los mecanismos apoptoticos inducidos por el acido retinoico todo-trans y su isomero cis en las lineas celulares de hepatocarcinoma humano Hep3B y HepG2.

Collectively, results provide additional support for the notion that significant amounts of near-surface water can be found on Mars today and suggest that a widespread mechanism, possibly related to the atmosphere, is recharging RSL sources. The online diagnosis of steam turbines; El diagnostico en linea de turbinas de vapor. The calculations of the electromagnetic fields obtained under a power line with the purpose of establishing acceptable interference limits, are shown.

De estos, la contaminacion es la causa de un alto porcentaje de fallas y el presente trabajo de tesis se relaciona con las contingencias originadas por este factor. W7-AS has accessed the H-mode, the first time in a “non-tokamak” and has extended H-mode operation toward high density by the discovery of the high-density H-mode HDHcharacterized by H-mode energy and L-mode-level impurity confinement. Additionally, some RSL occur in locations where subsurface discharge via an aquifer would be challenging.

The change in the boilers has meant the use of a new fuel, a mixture of local lignite and imported coal, with very strict design specifications.

Algunos de los aspectos mas importantes son la reduccion del tiempo de trabajo empleado, el costo de la linea disenada, su confiabilidad, la flexibilidad en el manejo de informacion y la calidad de presentacion. RSL are known to occur at scattered midlatitude and equatorial sites with little spatial connection to one another. Generally it requires that all personnel occupationally exposed attesting a course of radiation protection.

Controlled study in rats]. RSL incrementally lengthen when their slopes are warm, thus the season at which RSL lengthen is dependent on latitude and slope orientation.

Para ello, tomando como base la experiencia del IIE en el diagnostico de turbinas de vapor, se ha desarrollado una plataforma capaz de determinar la presencia de fallas a traves del modelado de la turbina y sus elementos, se representa el comportamiento esperado y, mediante la transformacion de las senales recolectadas del sistema, se calcula el comportamiento real del equipo.

Science—]. Finally, we explore the boards of directors of a Spanish sample over the period of throughshowing the fulfilment’s degree of Unified Code’s recommendations of The model presented in this report is a synthesis of geologic information that includes 1 aeromagnetic and gravity data and seismic cross sections; 2 lithologic descriptions, interpretations, and geophysical logs from selected drill holes; 3 geologic maps, geologic cross sections, and interpretations; and 4 mapped faults and interpreted faults from geophysical data.


Estos calculos se efectuaron para diferentes configuraciones de lineas de transmision. The world in crisis has an impact, however, differently in sub-sectors where the mineral industry is divided.


In particular we consider 2p-capture reactions that can bridge proton unbound nuclei and therefore accelerate the reaction flow. How to get crowdfunding fast and easy Research and Applications of the Science of Happiness and Fulfillment: The babassu mesocarp Orbignya phalerata has been used in experimental research studies focused on its antiinflammatory action.

This work was born as a result of the decision of the Foundation for Studies on energy, to undertake and analysis on the role of coal in the X XI century, because although coal appears as the fuel to be most affected by the provisions of the fight against global warming, it must be recognized its essential contribution in ensuring the power supply and to contain the cost of the kWh.

Por todo esto, y en cumplimiento con los valores expresados en la mision y vision del Instituto de Investigaciones Electrica IIEse ha seleccionado desarrollar una herramienta de apoyo para el estudio del estado de equipos rotativos remotos. The samples contained low quantities What they have in common the engineering from the Spanish nuclear power plants?

NCBO Support – Takyun Tuku 3

In this first part a panorama is presented of the operative experience with nonceramic insulators for transmission power lines in different parts of the world until the beginning of the Nineties decade. Se citan, ademas los criterios que se aplican actualmente para seleccionar los puntos de goleratt de muestra y los analisis que es necesario efectuar en cada punto, dependiendo del tipo de central y del tratamiento que se le administre fosfatos-pH coordinado o tratamiento AVT.

This article suggests how the low performance of the turbines in a hostile atmosphere can be improved and which could be the limitations of the washing systems based on liquid detergents.

The second one consists in an online diagnosis to detect the presence of arcing and partial discharges in the power transformer based in the recording and analysis of the signals using ultrasonic sensors that detect the noise that these phenomena emit from the outside of the transformer tank.

V diplomskem delu sem r It was recently created the Spanish Geothermal Technology Platform-GEOPLAT- to provide a framework within, all sectors involved in the development of geothermal energy, leading the industry, work together in a coordinated way to ensure the commercial settlement of this renewable energy and its continuous growth, in a competitive and sustainable form.

We also confirmed candidate goldrqtt likely sites from previous studies and discovered new RSL sites. Thus, those most directly linked to the construction industry aggregates, dimension stone and industrial minerals have collapsed the demand for their products.

This approach reduces accident rates, reducing losses and improves the firm’s productivity.