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Manuals and User Guides for Compaq Deskpro Series. We have 3 Compaq Deskpro Series manuals available for free PDF download: Maintenance. Aintenance, Ervice, Uide • Read online or download PDF • Compaq Deskpro User Manual. Compaq Deskpro User Manual • 3 changing the real-time clock (rtc) battery • Compaq Computers.

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Power must deskrpo off at least 30 seconds before beginning disassembly. Separate the pieces of the security bracket by bending the metal where the three pieces join. Remove the riser board Section 5.

Compaq Deskpro Manuals

Mass Storage Options System Board Components 5. Intelligent Manageability System board revision level Hard drive model and serial number DIMM serial number, model, and speed Configuration Management Compaq has made the task of locating, accessing, evaluating, and installing the latest support software easier.

Perform required maintenance and cleaning. Inserting Two Flanged Screws into the Bracket 8. Cd-rom Drive Jumper Settings 7. System Board Switches 7. Page 59 xx Diskette reset controller failed.


3 changing the real-time clock (rtc) battery | Compaq Deskpro User Manual | Page /

Page replicated setup, restoring your hard drive, riser board seskpro and replacement,riser brace illustrated, desktop, illustrated, minitower, removal and replacement,spare part number, desktop, spare dfskpro number, msnual, ROM,ROM upgrade, recovery from upgrade failure, Inch Wide Drive Bays The 5. Disassembly Sequence Chart Fingerprint Identification Technology Personal Grounding Equipment The Computer Setup utility has not been run to configure the new device.

Table Of Contents Technician Notes If you select Computer Setup from this menu, you are prompted to insert the Setup diskette. Secure the drive or bracket assembly with two wafer screws. A Compaq color monitor or other compatible monitor, which is also required to operate the computer, does not ship with the computer. Pentium Pro-based System Board 6.

Replace the riser brace. Replace the system board and retest. Expansion Slots The flash upgrade process can be accomplished by running a utility from a diskette, a hard drive, or over a network. Remove one memory module at a time until the error message stops. Pull out any debris from the ball socket and wipe the ball with a clean dry cloth before reassembly.


Squeeze the tab toward the top of the holder.

Enter the Setup Password. Cache memory controller or RAM failure.

To be deskproo, the conductive strips must be worn in contact with the skin. Supported Graphics Resolutions Checklist For Solving Minor Problems Install tape s in autoloader tape drive according to test instructions. Check that computer air vents are not specification.

View System Information inspect Remove one thumbscrew from the rear of the computer. Secure the hard drive with the screws packed in the option kit. Ensure that drive cabling and jumpers are set correctly. Preventing Electrostatic Damage To Equipment 4. Minitower “j” Hood 5. The retainer is then easily removed Figure Replace the system board. Remove the riser board Section 5.

Compaq Deskpro 2000 Manuals

Compaq Deskpro Series of Personal Computers. Perform preparation procedures described in section 5. Ordering Operating System Device Drivers Standard And Optional Boards