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Amatorska budowa jachtu. 55 likes. Budowa amatorska jachtu treningowego na bazie kadłuba Dheler – strona poświęcona amatorskiej budowie i remontom Waszych Budowa 6 metrowego jachtu w technologii oblaminowa (19 artykułów). budowa jacht. Home» budowa jacht. Gallery. We invite you to visit our company. Thinner polyester spray filler. Thinner polyester spray filler It is very important to.

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The yacht is built by the economic method, so measurement of as many as possible hull parameters is needed. The laser scanning is the perfect solution for this purpose, which is the iachtu, that this technology was chosen.

Laser scanning of the hull took place in two sessions in Novemberand each one was carried out with different level of detail. Scanning was performed on the whole hull, including the deck.

The masts were jcahtu scanned during the first session. Between the sessions, the masts were taken off the yacht and hid for the winter.

Jacht mieczowy

The scan resulted in two sets of point cloud covering the entire hull of the yacht. The scans had to be properly prepared for analysis.

  ASTM D5168 PDF

Irrespective of each other, three scan registration have been made. Registration of two sets of scans separately based on signaling points.

The last registration was done for all scans jaxhtu, based on signaling and characteristic points, and the result was a cloud with a higher density of points. With the results of the accuracy of the registrations, it was possible to compare the different methods of determining binding points. The next chapter presents a series of studies and processing performed on point clouds.

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The most important question was whether the surface of the steel hull of the yacht is suitable for laser scanning. First analysis was very simple. It was performed to check the point cloud density, and bjdowa gave positive results — steel hull is very suitable for laser scanning. Then it was checked in practice how exactly the scans were connected.

Separate overlapping sections were isolated from the individual scans and the distance between them was measured. Distances were measured between point clouds from one scan session and between two different session clouds. There was also analysis carried out to check, how yacht components made of different materials were registered.


On yachts we can often find wood, many kind of plastic and other materials, so it was good to check if they are suitable for scanning.

Budowa i naprawa jachtow z laminatow : Witold Tobis :

More complicated analyzes based on hull symmetry were also made. The special method has been developed to check the accuracy of the hull construction by comparing the right and left sides Another budoea has been developed to check the vertical and symmetrical mast setting. It was also necessary to compare the main dimensions of the built yacht with the project.

Recent processing was the point cloud modeling, resulting in a real 3D model jaachtu a well defined surface and covering the point clouds with photos.

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