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Hi there! If you’re new to the banking industry, one of the struggles you’ll have is picking up the requisite “banking domain knowledge”. If you don’t have banking. Bank Management Tutorial for Beginners – Learn Bank Management in simple Assets, Risk Measurement Techniques, Bank Marketing, Relationship Banking. Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) is an industry term for companies that provide and technical/professional services firms that manage data processing, application testing and software development activities in this domain.

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BFSI domain

Usually, while developing any specific domain project, domain expert help is sought out. Learn more about various types of non-depository financial intermediaries and how they work. Insurance covers both life and non-life. Learn the two main classifications of financial institutions and understand the significant distinction between depository and non-depository financial institutions. Testing banking application assures that these activities are not only executed well but also remain protected from hackers.

The global BFSI Industry faced serious turmoil during the early 21st century, when a series of crises like the subprime mortgage crisis in the US, and the Great Recession worldwide, that began in Q and ended in Q, gave a huge setback, resulting in negative growth.

What is Monkey Testing? In other words, the primary activity of this industry is insuring insurance companies. What tutkrial Reinsurance Industry? Also how the data will be fetched, uploaded and transferred to the new system after migration. Quality analysts, business analysts, and development leads are involved in this task.

The Tutoriall Features of Business In our day-to-day life, we use words like business, commerce, occupation, trade, industry etc. It is mandatory bdsi all the activities performed by banking software run smoothly and without any error. There may be the cases where requirements are not documented well and may lead to domaun gaps in test plan Many non-functional requirements are not fully tutoria, and testers do not know whether to tutoriap it or not The test should participate in the project right from Requirement Analysis phases and should actively review the Business Requirements The most important point is to check whether the said system follows the desired policies and tutoriial Compliance or Regulatory Policies testing must be done The scope and the timelines increases as banking application are integrated with other application like internet or Mobile banking Ensure Time budget for Integration Testing is accounted if your banking application has many external interfaces Summary Banking domain is the most vulnerable area for cyber-theft, and safeguarding the software requires precise testing.


Characteristics of a Banking Application Before you begin testing, it’s important to note the standard features expected of any banking application. It touches upon the brief history of Insurance and its development as an Industry. Ensure Data Migration Testing is complete Ensure Regression Test cases are executed on old and new systems, and the results match.

However, reports [1] say that the industry is now coming back on track, and is gaining pace on a path of recovery. It should support thousands of concurrent user sessions A banking application should integrate with other numerous applications like trading accounts, Bill pay utility, credit cards, etc. Insurance covers both life living and non-life non-living. On the other hand, data security and availability of information updates is critical to the banking and insurance business, mandating high network uptime, rapid fault detection and quick problem resolution.

Financial Assets Learn about financial assets and the role the banking industry plays in financial assets market. Explore the seven most important principles of insurance.

It not only involves writing negative test cases but may also include destructive testing. The biggest challenge in testing banking system is during the migration of the system from the old tktorial to the new system like testing of all the routines, procedures and plans.

What is System Integration Testing? Banking may include core bankingretail, private, corporate, investment, cards and the like.

Before mainframe testing, lets learn What is a Mainframe?

The usual software testing activities like Test Case preparation, test case review and test case execution is done during this phase Security Testing: Understand the difference between primary and secondary markets. Learn about various types of depository intermediaries. Changes in regulation, changes in technology, and changes in competition have pushed banking, to become dynamic organizations that must respond rapidly to bbfsi business circumstances.

In our day-to-day life, we use words like business, commerce, occupation, trade, industry etc. Read more to know what business is!


BFSI – Wikipedia

Importance of each type of insurance policy is explained along-with its usage. Banking today is an exciting, fast-moving, around-the-clock, global activity. This tutorial gives a clear idea of what it takes for banking domain testing and how important it is. BFSI comprises commercial banks, insurance companies, non-banking financial companies, cooperatives, pensions funds, mutual funds and other smaller financial entities.

Life and annuity insurance covers not only life and annuities, but also health and disability.

After studying this article you should be able to identify the broad categories of human activities and describe what we mean by business and what are the features and objectives of business. This will help you understand the major products offered by the insurance industry and how they are classified.

Domain is nothing but the industry for which the software testing project is created. This section provides an overview of the Insurance Industry. Principles of Insurance This article helps the student to understand the legal principles and provisions of the insurance law. This section also tells the learner how Insurance works and what are some of the key elements in insurance sector.

The scope and the timelines increases as banking application are integrated with other application like internet or Mobile banking. The Industry Basics Banks play a key role in the entire financial system by mobilizing deposits from households spread across the nation and making these funds available for investment, either by lending or buying securities.

Why Domain Knowledge Matters? It ensures that the software does not have any security flaws.

BFSI Domain

Views Read Edit View history. The test should participate in the doamin right from Requirement Analysis phases and should actively review the Business Requirements.

After taking this lesson, learner will be able to explain the meaning and importance of stock exchange and state the economic functions of stock exchanges. Banking Applications directly deal with confidential financial data.