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Find the most up-to-date version of AR at Engineering Repair parts for IT are obtained under provisions of AR –2. b. general and selected special purpose TMDE under AR –43, TB 43–, and TB – Refer to the DA Pam series (indexes) for publication titles. FM TM TM TM AR TB .

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The primary coordinator needs to assure that unit coordinators are knowledgeable of program objectives, policies, and procedures and of their responsibilities.

The following checklist applies to TMDE users; other checklists in applicable regulations also contain questions concerning customer compliance with regulatory requirements:. 75025 support requiring manufacturer’s calibration or repair will be arranged by the supporting activity.

It also controls calibration facilities at combined support maintenance shops. Enlightening customers concerning the goals of the TMDE support program and what 750-2 support means to them is an important task.

Instructions for maintenance forms are in DA Pam The following provides calibration service traceable to NIST. Essentially, the customer should know that cyclic calibration of TMDE provides a high confidence factor in the integrity and reliability of measurements performed.


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The approved maintenance manual is also listed in TB Army materiel will be listed in TB AR assigns Armywide management of the U. Policies and questions pertaining to labels and forms used for instruments in storage are also specified in Appendix C, TB Should the measurement capabilities of TMDE ever be in doubt, calibration should be requested.

The ACL may also provide calibration and repair service for measurement standards and instruments not listed in TB that the ATSTs do not have the capability to support. In turn, the U. From the same control point, the TMDE support coordinator must assure that users identify their calibration and repair needs and then adhere to the schedules and procedures 7500-25 obtaining the required support.

Army primary reference standards. They assure the accurate transfer of measurements within the Army. The TMDE support coordinator performs the following duties:.

AR 750-25 Army Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment Calibration and Repair Support Program

Calibration and repair support requirements of instruments used in support of U. Civilian ATST’s are deployed at echelons above corps.

Detailed instructions for the preparation of these labels are in TBAppendix C. The ACL provides calibration and repair service for selected measurement standards and instruments of ATST’s transfer or T level and other customers that are identified in TB as requiring S-level support.


FM Appendix K Calibration

This guidance will acquaint TMDE support coordinators with procedures to enable them to monitor their units’ implementation of the U. Army TMDE support program for compliance with the regulations and directives.

Whether the unit or installation is large or small, the TMDE support coordinator’s responsibility remains the same, that is, assuring that responsive TMDE calibration and repair support is provided.

Following are instructions for TMDE support coordinators and an outline of their responsibilities. Sign In Sign Out. This certifies that the instruments have been calibrated to required specifications and indicates support dates. Enter Your Email Address. Surveillance of the TMDE support program includes a review of forms and labels to ensure uniformity and proper annotation. Some organizations may be so large that there should be an alternate TMDE support coordinator or several unit coordinators assigned to a major mission area.