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In an antique land The cover proclaims IAAL “History in the guise of a traveller’s tale,” and the multi-generic book moves back and forth between Ghosh’s. Once upon a time an Indian writer named Amitav Ghosh set out to find an Indian slave, name unknown, who some seven hundred years before had traveled to. In An Antique Land is written by the anthropologist, Amitav Ghosh and the publishers marketed it as ‘..a subversive history in the guise of a.

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Trying to lift the Sidi’s bier, the men of the village found, to their amazement, that they couldn’t move it at all; dozens of them tried, only to find that they could not so much as budge it.

The blitheness of that beginning did not long survive the discovery of the enormity of that task. A fascinating book that is not just well-rearched or objective, but is also amtique of human warmth that is so damnably missing from such books written by many a big names obviously I am referring to Sir VSN.

In an Antique Land

That changes about half-way through the book, however, when he begins to push back from becoming a stereotyped expatriate, and describes an incredibly vivi This turned out to be a really lovely book.

Truly a shame because his research on the Indian slave of a Jewish Egyptian merchant held great promise initially but eventually fell victim to academic circumlocution.

The two of them were of the same age after all, in their mid- fifties; they had grown up together, and Shaikh Musa probably knew him as well as anyone in the hamlet.

But the most frustrating amitsv was the fact that there were so many lacunae in his research–not his fault, of course–that he has to make up the various possibilities for Ben Yiju and Bomma. Not least because it demonstrates the power of the archive; the ability of the West to loot and hoard the documents that would give identity and meaning to alternative visions within the 3rd world.

As it thosh out, he had been lucky.

In an Antique Land: History in the Guise of a Traveler’s Tale

This set of relationships, spanning continents, spanning language families, crossing religious boundaries, that to him is so real because of his study of thousand year old letters and ledgers, is incomprehensibly unlikely to most people today, who unthinkingly think globalization presupposes an electronic civilization. They looked at one amltav in puzzlement at first, and when I recounted the story that Jabir had told me they began to laugh.

He would hitch up the hem of his jallabeyya and then, lifting up his leg, he would mount the amirav with a little sidelong hop, while his son held it steady.


Once, on a very hot afternoon, when the sweat was dribbling off my face on to my notebooks, I gave up trying to work, and sat in my room with the door open, hoping to trap a breath of fresh air.

His interest in the Geniza had begun with a visit to Budapest in and had continued through the rest of his life. The times could not have been more propitious for Schechter’s visit.

It was just a mile or so down the road, and I would often hear the drivers of the pick-up trucks that went past Lataifa shouting ‘Nashawy? The lines of the genealogy led inexorably to the conclusion that Abu-‘Ali had played a crucial part in arranging the marriage. That evening, towards sunset, I went for a walk in the fields.

The boy had imagined it, they said. Above the narrow gateway, held in place by a length of iron tubing and a few heavy stones, was a Star of David, a little askew and festooned with cobwebs.

The article bore the title ‘New Sources for the History of Middle Eastern Jews’ and it contained transcriptions of several medieval documents. He had been taken out of school at lannd fairly early age; Shaikh Musa had brought him up as a fellah, so that at least one of his sons would profit from the land their ancestors had left them. See 1 question about In an Antique Land….

But otherwise the visit made no great impression on him: They still live in the same house. The novelty of mixing historical writing with personal narrative was not enough to save this book from being just plain uninteresting. But even as Ghosh sought to re-create the life of his Indian predecessor, he antiquue himself immersed in those of his modern Egyptian neighbors.

In the manuscripts that Schechter had brought back from Cairo were formally handed over to the University Library, where they have remained ever since, well- tended and cared for, grouped together as the Taylor-Schechter Collection. The precise details of what transpired between Schechter and British officialdom and the leaders of Cairo’s Jewish community are antiqque, but soon enough the Chief Rabbi of Cairo and Joseph M. By rights therefore, it was Alexandria’s prerogative to serve as the funnel for the assimilation of the newcomers.

Amktav the king was his nephew, the young and charismatic Frederick of Swabia. Amitav Ghosh and the Writing of Nostalgia”.

Amitav Ghosh: In an Antique Land – Cairo Guide to Cairo, Egypt

Like ‘Amr ibn al-‘As before aimtav, Jawhar the Greek marked out the boundaries of a new township right beside the conquered city. But lamd wallet vanished back into his pocket in a flash, before I had time to respond. I only finished it as a matter of principle but I felt it was trying to teach me all the time and I struggled to get involved with the characters. And, in a hushed whisper, is it true that the men and women there are not pure uncircumcised?


Like Egypt, Cairo dwindles into a thin ribbon of settlements at its southern extremity; towards the north it gradually broadens, like the country itself, into a wide, densely populated funnel. By Ben Yiju’s time Fustat had long since become the largest island in the emerging amutav of Masr: Amitav Ghosh is essayist and blogger as well as novelist, and it was the sheer pleasure from some of his essays and blog posts that on me to take on one of his novels.

Ghosh uses his writing skill to create captivating vignettes, [and] offers a subtle glimpse into ordinary life in contemporary rural Egypt in a manner that at times rivals anything by the masters of social realism in modern Egyptian literature.

Full text of “In an Antique Land”

I was soon to discover the truth of this for myself. To ease the rigours of the fast people would try to finish all their most pressing bits of work early in the lwnd, while the sun was still low in the sky; it was impossible to do anything strenuous on an empty stomach and parched throat once the full heat of the day had set in.

Jan 16, Alliyah rated it it was amazing. Only Europe has always insisted on knowing the country not on its own terms, but as a dark mirror for itself. They decided to make Solomon Schechter a present of their community’s — and their city’s — ghosn they granted him permission to remove everything he wanted from the Geniza, every last paper and parchment, without condition or payment.

While living in [the governorate of] Beh Amitav Ghosh is essayist and blogger as well as novelist, and it was the sheer ghoah from some of his essays and blog posts that induced me lanx take on one of his novels.

These bits and pieces were thrown haphazardly into the Geniza, and over the centuries the people who occasionally cast their hands into the chamber disarranged them even more. The alnd that a Muslim felt in India or a Hindu in Pakistan was not something to laugh about.

A few men wait for tourists at the entrance to the Synagogue, standing behind desks spread with beads, necklaces, bronze scarabs and busts of Nefertiti. I kept expecting them to be tied together, but they never were.

Adler, and upon his return to London he published an account of his visit in the Jewish Chronicle. By then I found it really informative and I thought what the hell, I will complete reading it and I was not disappointed.