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PIM product data: AEG KHF headphone Circumaural Head-band Black Headphones, compare, review, comparison. AEG KHF Headphone. Below you can view and/or download the English PDF manual of your AEG KHF Headphone. Couldn’t find the manual that. AEG KHF Wireless Headphones, Black – now buy online with ease from Conrad UK, your online shop for technology, electronics and innovative ideas.

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All manuals on ManualsCat. By kjf the ‘Select a language’ button, you can choose the language of the manual you want to view. Perhaps the users of ManualsCat. The more precies your question is, the higher the chances of quickly receiving an answer from another user.

You will automatically be sent an e-mail to inform aeeg when someone has reacted to your question. Previous page Next page. Table of Contents Page: If you give this device to other people, please also pass on the operating instruc- tions.

Consequently, do not use the device in the immediate vicinity of water – for example near a bath tub, a swimming pool or in a damp cellar. This device is not designed for commercial use. Pay attention that the specified voltage cor- responds to the voltage of the plug socket.

Always place the batteries in the correct direction. Incorrect repairs can constitute a considerable risk for the user. Should the device become damaged, in particular the mains supply cable, do not operate the device any longer, but rather have it repaired by an expert.

Check the mains supply cable regularly for damage. These symbols ,hf be found on the machine and are seg to indicate the following: The lightning symbol should advise the user of parts in the inside of the device which carry dangerously high voltage levels.

The symbol with an khr mark should advise the user of important operation or maintenance instructions in the accompany- ing documentation. Do not allow small children to play with the foil as there is a danger of suffocation! Symbols in these Instructions for Use Important information for your safety is specially marked. It is essential to comply with these instructions in order to avoid accidents and prevent damage to the machine: This warns you of dangers to your health and indicates kgf injury risks.

This refers to ae hazards to the machine or other objects. This highlights tips and information. Keep the device at least 10 cm away from heart pacemakers and implanted defibrillators. The radio waves can cause background noise. Use only rechargeable batteries!


AEG KHF Headphones download manual for free now – |

Do not store the headphones for a prolonged period with the frame splayed open as the tension in the frame may become weaker. Use only rechargeable batteries and not batteries which cannot be recharged. Open the battery compartment lhf on the left ear pad. To do so, turn the plastic frame on which the ear pad is mounted one short turn anticlockwise. Insert the 2 “AAA” type rechargeable batteries into the battery compartment of the headphones.

AEG KHF 4217 manual

Please ensure that the polarity is correct see the floor of the battery compartment! If the device is not used for a long period of time, remove the batteries to avoid the spilling of battery acid. Place the headphones in the charging cradle of the trans- mitter.

The charging contacts 8 of the headphones must touch the charging contacts 10 of the charg- ing station. Installation headphones not plugged in 1.

If your audio source has two RCA outputs red and whiteplease use an appropriate adapter cable. Switch on the transmitter by selecting a channel with the channel selector As soon as the transmitter receives a signal from the audio source, the POWER indicator light 11 lights up. Do not use for other devices. Disconnect from mains power supply during longer periods of non-use. Operate transmitter with batteries Alternatively you can also operate the transmitter with batteries.

The headphones cannot be charged in this mode. Open the battery compartment on the bottom of the transmitter. Pay attention to the correct polarity see battery compartment!

Close the battery compartment again. Never expose batteries to high temperatures or direct sunlight or throw batteries into fire for danger of explosion!

Please bring used batteries to competent collection centers or back to the dealer. After initial use a charging time of approximately 9 hours is sufficient. Before charging it is important to make sure that only rechargeable batteries are inserted. It is not technically possible to charge batteries that are not rechargeable, and any attempt to do so can damage the device! Place the headphones in the charging cradle of the transmitter.

When charging, the CHG indicator light 12 lights up red. In both cases the charging contacts of the headphones are not connected to the charging contacts of the charging station.

Remove the headphones again when the charging process is complete. The indicator light CHG then lights up green. Use of the Headphones You have two options to use the headphones: Wireless or with a cable.

Switch on the audio source e.

Set the volume of the audio source to a pleasant level in order to avoid any distortion. The indicator light 6 lights up red. Place the headphones on your head.


Turn the volume regulator 3 to set the desired volume. If necessary, press the SCAN channel selection button 2 repeatedly until the transmission frequency is adjusted to channel 2 and the sound of the audio source can be heard.

If the headphones receive a signal, the indicator light 6 lights up green. The transmitter has an AUTO-off function.

Manual – AEG KHF Headphone

If the input signal is very quiet or switched off, the trans- mitter will switch off automatically after approx. Channel Adjustment If there is interference to the reception of the head- phones, you can change the transmission frequency by switching the channels. With the channel selector 15 on the transmitter you can choose between 3 difer- ent channels. If you have set a diferent transmission frequency, press the SCAN channel selection button 2.

When receiving, the indicator light 4127 lights up green. After pressing the SCAN button, the headphones switch their reception 42177 in ascending order of channels. Use with cable To use the headphones with a cable, you must be close to an awg source and take into account the length of the cable.

Connect the external audio source to the 3. Adjust the volume on the audio source.

Press 4127 SCAN channel selection button 2 in order to obtain the best reception. Walls and ceil- ings reduce the range. Disconnect the power supply from the mains for about 5 sec. Then switch the device back on. Turn the audio source to stereo. Press the SCAN channel selection button 2 repeatedly until the sound of the audio source can be heard.

If the input signal is very quiet or switched off for approx. Turn up the sound of the audio aegg or check whether an audio signal is still being transmitted. KHF Net weight Total AC V, khr Hz Output DC 5 V, mA Polarity DC 5 V Alternative power supply Subject to technical changes without prior notice! Please return any electrical equipment that you will no longer use to the collection points provided for their disposal.

This helps avoid the potential effects of incorrect dis- posal on the environment and mhf health. This will contribute to the recycling and other forms of reutilisation of electrical and electronic equipment. Information concerning where the equipment can be disposed of can be obtained from your local authority.