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Overview. For sure, Accuphase is not a brand that will wet everyone’s appetite. That is only because we are no longer dealing with audio gears that are priced. Accuphase C Preamplifiers user reviews: 5 out of 5 – 1 reviews – Find great deals for Accuphase C Precision Stereo Preamplifier Japan Audio. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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The tonal balance of the Accu is slightly lighter than the Leben, or the other way round — Leben is a bit darker than the Accu.

Accuphase C-2810 : new preamplifier with resistor-free volume control!

But… Placing a more expensive and a cheaper product in the price list, when the cheaper model introduced later is not worse than the flagship, is not a conventional move, one might even say that this is a non marketing move.

This list shows how advanced is the C The front panel is busy, but the back plate partners it quite well. Just like accupbase American McIntoshAccu has its followers, that see every next product as a big event. Any weakness in your source unit will be revealed. In short — we deal with an element that controls the volume, but not in the analog domain, like potentiometers or resistor ladder discrete and in form of ICs. And both are splendid.

In terms of building the image as a whole one could speak about the assets of one or the other preamplifier, but in terms of the sound stage in new recordings the C was clearly better. Interestingly the wooden side panels turn out to be metal panels veneered and varnished with a high gloss varnish — one has to cut costs somewhere… And the costs have to be cut, because the device is much cheaper than the top C and it does not look like that.


And the mentioned bass. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. Accuphase is different — it enjoys the even, slightly softens the attack, but not in an easy way, because there is no lack of precision, but the whole transmission is a bit softer, and even more vivid. This is the reason why after hearing the first few sounds of the Pyramid I immediately knew, that the Accu draws a bigger, deeper and better defined stage.

The first thing is that the Accuphase sounds a bit more conservative. For all our orders we offer a 5 years BuyBack policy so all our customers can apply for a buyback and can upgrade their current order with newer equipment. In the front we have two large knobs — one for the volume control and one for input selection, and an acrylic plate covering the following indicators: Cosmetically, the unit is in very good condition.

Accuphase C-2810 Preamplifiers

Home Preamplifiers Accuphase C Preamplifier. This preamp is in excellent condition and comes with all of its original accessories, remote control and packaging.

Remote control will be included and unit will be securely packed for safe accuphasee. About us Showroom Contact us Testimonials. Because this is very important I will repeat it once again: Bass did not go as far down as with the Leben, it was also not as fleshy, but its saturation was good, and tightness even better.


It cuts through music without any hesitation or deliberation. The simplest explanation would be acuphase there is progress between each and every model, everything is being improved, and every new model is better. Below, hidden behind a tab, we find more controls. And if your do dislike it, its also the very same reason why the next person likes it so much.

I think that Accuphase is no exception to the rule. Accuphase plays with a slightly rounded, really slightly, but very well controlled, short, dense and at the same time naturally warm bass.

The top cover is made from two sheets of metal glued accuphaee something like the Stealth Mat in Arcam and additionally damped with bitumen mats. Enter your e-mail Address Submit.

Feed any kind music from your source unit accuphas it dissects the music unforgivingly.

Kahl Audio » Accuphase C stereo preamp. Former flagship. $26, MSRP.

BuyBack Policy For all our orders we offer a 5 years BuyBack policy so all our customers can apply for a buyback and can upgrade their current order with newer equipment. This unit has a full compliment of both balanced and unbalanced inputs. Obviously the Japanese made something so well, that they even did not expect that. And at the same time incomparably more natural.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. This built a big and slightly warm sound, but was a departure from neutrality.