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I have a Vista 20P. One that I bought from this website. I have everything wired and working properly the way I want it. I would like to be able to. Find great deals for Honeywell Ademco VIP Vista Interactive Phone Module Old Stock Ship. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Honeywell Phone Module (item #). Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Hello alarm gurus, I posted a similar inquiry back in We are modyle into a new house, and I am installing our security system. In addition, I would like to have the ability to call-in to my modile and access the module, as stated in the manual.

However, we are adopting the Ooma Telo home internet telephone service to save money. I know how to distribute the dial tone throughout our house jacks, but I’ll have to do it a little bit differently. I would have to have the output of the Ooma modem run into an RJ31X jack, and then out of the jack out to the rest axemco the house phones, with the RJ31X being wired to the panel and module, respectively.

This is technically the way you would wire normal analog lines into your panel and voice module, with my way being the exception. So, my question is: Ademck anyone gone through with this, even with other VoIP providers? It would technically be a normal Telco signal coming out modulee the Ooma, and in their manual, they say that you can distribute the signal out to all your other phone jacks, meaning it would also be outputting the proper sufficient voltage. It would essentially be a normal landline phone setup.


Verizon just charges way too much anymore. Ooma is the way to go, and I would love to have the convenience of controlling the system from any touch-tone telephone in the world.

Anyone, feel free to chime-in!

ADEMCO 4286 – Ademco Phone Module Manuals

Find all posts by demetrax1. Typically, results with these phone interfaces and derived phone lines have been hit and miss. The Ooma system is supposed to make a fairly clean phone line, so it has a decent chance of working.

Yes, you understand the basic concept. As modlue as alarms are concerned, when you are using a derived phone line, that adaptor takes the place of the Telco source.

Find all posts by MrRonFL. Thanks MrRonFL, you’ve been a great help in the past as well. I’ll have to try it out and let you know once the Ooma box comes in. However, all models have the same basic functions I understand. I would stick with the latest one, thethen. And, per the “Summary of Connections”, the RJ31X jack has to be wired to the panel as well for the phone module to function properly? Even though I won’t be using the telephone line function of the panel for monitoring? Yes, the telco connection still has to pass through the alarm control for the mechanism to work right.

– Ademco Phone Module

I will let you know if it works once it is set-up. These are very “picky” when setting them up – even on a land line. Anyway I should think it would work if all of the above old phone devices would also work.

Find all posts by Bill Yes Bill, you are correct. Total side-note, I have phonw the “nit-picky” side of the VIP phone module before. Back in aemco, I set up a in my upstairs bedroom and wired it up to a phone jack on the top floor where my VISTA 20P panel was located. I did not use an RJ31X jack and wire it modulw to the panel as well. I know this is the incorrect way to do it, and it would not have been distributed throughout the house, but at that time, I was just experimenting.


The Telco line coming out of the phone jack morule the wall went straight into theand then out to the telephone in my movule. On occasion, I would access the module from the corded telephone in my room, and there would be a scratchy, almost squeaky hiss in the receiver. This would also happen when I wasn’t using the module, and simply talking on the phone.

It was only sporadically, but it was puzzling and somewhat of an inconvenience. I will post again when I have results. I’ll be interesting in hearing how it works, demetrax1.

Find all posts by ChosunOne. I think there was some hissing on the line, but don’t remember. Maybe the VIP just didn’t want to work.

That seemed to resolve the issue. So will caller ID in some systems. You may not post new threads. BB hpone is On. Newsletter Sign-Up Signup Email address. Converting copper to PEX laundry room. Posted In Plumbing and Piping.

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Honeywell Ademco Interactive Phone Module (vip) | eBay

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